Ford MyKey Settings

How Does Ford MyKey Work?

Many Ford vehicles have an available feature called MyKey®, but how does MyKey work and what does it do?

Ford has always been at the forefront of automotive technology and with the available MyKey feature, the engineers at Ford show no signs of letting the others catch up. The MyKey feature for example, is one of the many ways that Ford has begun to promote better driving habits. Everybody has at least one or two bad driving habits, and if we all take part in wanting to better our driving, we provide roads that are safer and that will have less accidents. MyKey by Ford is just one of the many ways that we can all commit to bettering our driving habits.

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What Does MyKey Do?


MyKey allows drivers to configure one or more of their Ford keys to control their vehicle’s safety settings even if they aren’t behind the wheel. This is perfect for families with teenage drivers who need to learn good driving habits before the bad ones have a chance to really set in. All but one of your keys can be set to a configurable and restricted mode. This allows the unprogrammed key to become what Ford calls the “Admin Key” and can be used to create a MyKey, program MyKey settings, and clear MyKey features.


Once you create a MyKey, you can use the information display inside of your ford vehicle to determine the total distance your vehicle has travelled with MyKey, as well as how many MyKeys are programmed to your Ford vehicle.


Configurable MyKey Settings


With MyKey you can set a speed limit on your Ford vehicle. If you’re taking a long trip, or know that the speed limit won’t go above 105 kmh, simply set the speed limit and your vehicle will warn you each time you go above your selected speed. This feature is great for making sure you never get a speeding ticket out on the highway ever again! You can also set the audio system to max out at 45%. If the driver attempts to crank the volume higher, a message will display and the speed-sensitive or speed-compensated automatic volume control will also be disabled.


How Does Ford MyKey Work? Speed Limit
How Does Ford MyKey Work? Configurable Settings


Yes, there are other things you can control with the available MyKey, but we here at Sherwood Ford think you should come over to our dealership to check it out for yourself! Bring your Ford over to our service center to learn all about the benefits MyKey can provide to you, and to anyone else driving your vehicle. If you’ve decided that MyKey is something that you would like to implement on your vehicle, all you need to do is let us know and we’ll get it all set up for you!

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