Ford X-Plan Vehicle Pricing Partner Recognition

Our no-hassle pricing for consumers is what separates us from the competition. Car buyers today need transparency and should be given every opportunity to save time and money! One way for customers in the Edmonton area to save money on a new vehicle is with the Ford X-Plan Vehicle Pricing Partner Recognition. We’d bet that you might not even be aware the Ford X-Plan program exists! Your employer may be a part of Ford’s special partner program pricing program, and we want you to find out.

Who’s eligible for the X-Plan?

Employees of one of Ford of Canada’s fleet accounts are eligible. Ford X-Plan is essentially a supplier discount that members of qualifying companies that do business with Ford may qualify for. Unlike other manufacturers, the Ford pricing plan is super simple (and really good)!

Ford X-Plan Vehicle Pricing Partner Recognition

How do you know if you meet all of the requirements?

Additional X-Plan Requirements:

  • Be residents of Canada, and
  • Show proof of employment with the eligible X-Plan company or Fleet Account, or
    • Show proof of retiree status with an eligible X-Plan Supplier Partner company, or
    • Be sponsored by an eligible Ford of Canada employee or retiree
  • Show proof of membership in an eligible X-Plan organization, and
  • Have an X-Plan PIN (Personal Identification Number), and
  • Be eligible for X-Plan benefits at the time they take delivery of their new vehicle.
  • Vehicles must not be registered in the name of a business.
  • Leased vehicles must be Ford Credit Red Carpet lease.

There are well over 3,000 companies that qualify for the employee X-Plan pricing. The lists of qualified companies changes from year to year, depending on new relationships with Ford.

How to get X-Plan Pricing

To receive X-Plan pricing, you’ll need an X-Plan person identification number (PIN). Your PIN number can be obtained by asking your Ford Dealer (Sherwood Ford!) or a representative from your Human Resources department about your company's partnership plans. Plan pricing is administered by Ford and is subject to change without notice.