We Take Care Of Our Customers

We Take Care Of Our Customers

Our Sherwood Ford team has been around long enough to know that many drivers just aren't happy with their experiences at other dealerships. Often, it appears that consumers' needs aren't being treated right, or that they just aren't cared for the way that they should be. That's why we invite you to come to our dealership, where our Giant Advantage ensures that you'll be treated like a member of the family every time!

We stand behind the promise to take care of our customers, no matter if an issue should arise concerning parts, service or sales. Our owner, Mark Hicks, is in the store every day, helping all of our drivers to feel welcome and confident no matter what walks of life or backgrounds they are from. Keep reading to find out what advantages there are to taking part in the Sherwood Ford Giant Advantage!

We'll Fix Problems the First Time

When you're looking for a quality new or pre-owned vehicle, the last thing you'd want to happen is a cracked windshield, dings or dents. That's why we offer a 3 month / 5,000 kilometre warranty guarantee on all of our models, meaning that you'll be covered in the event of any damage. Our factory-certified technicians are always standing by, and ready to lend a hand if needed.

It is common knowledge for many dealerships that after a sale has been made, most business services tend to drop off; we want to alleviate that, and we believe that signing off on a new or used Ford model is just the beginning of a lifelong partnership between you and us! We are always standing by and ready to help you, ensuring that your experience during the sale and afterwards is top notch!

We're so happy that you've taken the time out of your day to see what we have to offer. Be sure to contact us at your earliest convenience if you have any questions about our Giant Advantage specials!