Your Time Is Important To Us

Your Time Is Important To Us
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Giant Advantage Time Benefits at Sherwood Ford

In today's interconnected world, our time is becoming more and more valuable. This is especially evident when you're looking for a new car; many people often find themselves having to jump through hoops and spend hours on end negotiating prices and coverages, to the point where the exhilaration of buying a new vehicle can wear off quickly. This is not the case at Sherwood Ford; we're proud to be home of the "Giant Advantage," available right here in Edmonton AB!

We'll Bring Your Car to You

We know that you're busy, and your time is very important to our team. If you're looking to test drive a new or used Ford vehicle, we'll bring it to you if you can't come to our dealership in your schedule. We will stop at no lengths to provide you with the best service possible, as well as save you hard-earned time and money!

Our team provides you with a time-efficient experience, and as such our Product Specialists want to get you in and out of our store as soon as possible so you can continue on about your daily life with a high-quality Ford by your side. If you'd rather stay and chat a bit, that's always okay as well!