Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Ford 2-Wheel Alignment in Sherwood Park

We operate a certified Ford tire department offering Ford drivers from Strathcona County the two-wheel alignment service that they need when irregular wear shows up due to misaligned front wheels. The front wheels on your Ford will eventually succumb to misalignment from hitting potholes, curbs while parking, and from simple steering component wear. A certified technician uses computerized wheel alignment equipment to guarantee precision results for every two-wheel alignment service performed at Sherwood Ford of Sherwood Park.

Have Rapid Wear on the Front Tires?

The telltale warning sign of misaligned front wheels is rapid tread wear showing up on the front tires. Rapid wear usually appears in a variety of patterns defined by balding of the tread including circles, cup-like circles that deepen toward the center or rings around the tire at the tread edge. If you have strange wear patterns on the front tires but the rear tires do not, your Ford could likely use an alignment inspection and the corrective two-wheel or four-wheel alignment service. 

Computerized Wheel Alignment Inspections

Our customers don’t have to wait around for rapid wear to show up on the tires just to know that they have misaligned wheels because they schedule annual alignment inspections to catch misalignment before rapid and irregular wear occurs.

Two Wheel Drive Alignment (2WD) 101

Designed explicitly for correcting the front wheels’ misalignment, a certified technician uses our computerized wheel alignment equipment to assess the front wheels’ angles and adjusts them within specifications as needed. When the front wheels are aligned, they are pointed in the right direction, rotate parallel to each other, and the tires meet the road perfectly. When this happens, the tires wear evenly, create a pleasant driving experience, and reduce operational costs.

Two-Wheel Alignment Service at Sherwood Ford

Includes all four wheels across the front and rear axles, a certified technician relies on our trusty wheel aligner to measure every wheel angle – camber, toe & caster - bringing them back into specifications as needed. Service concludes when our customers receive the results of their complimentary multi-point inspection completed by a certified technician that understands their Ford model and its primary components professionally.

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