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Sherwood Ford in Strathcona County

For routine maintenance and to keep your Ford in top-notch running condition, come by Sherwood Ford serving the areas in Alberta, Canada around Edmonton, Ardrossan, and St Albert. You'll find our staff to be professional and courteous, and our facilities to be complementary to the needs you have while your car is being worked on.

  • Our staff is taking any & all proper sanitary precautions
  • Our hygiene-friendly waiting area is disinfected
  • Come in or we'll come to you with complimentary Pick Up & Delivery
  • We'll schedule complimentary pick up and delivery based around your schedule
  • We're doing our part to Slow The Spread: frequent handwashing, employees stay home if they're sick; and following all social distancing guidelines

All Medical Professionals receive a 20% discount on their car repairs or maintenance PLUS complimentary pick up and delivery to home or work for any brand of vehicle.

Location and Hours

2540 Broadmoor Blvd, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 1B4

Service Center: (780) 449-8040 | Hours
Parts Center: (780) 449-8020 | Hours

Why Maintenance Is Needed

The engineering and design plan of a Ford truck explains the need for routine maintenance. Fluids have to be exchanged, systems need to be inspected after the stresses they receive, and simple procedures such as headlight replacement or compromised electrical components need to be addressed. To the layman, a routine maintenance inspection includes an oil change and topping off of fluids. To a professional technician who understands the mechanics of the vehicle, a routine inspection requires checking the make and model vehicle against any recall or warranty information before doing a thorough inspection of any parts which are likely to become compromised.

What Happens When Maintenance Is Ignored

When routine maintenance is ignored you won't see any immediate effects. The truck will break down sooner than expected, but that's likely to go unnoticed by someone who doesn't understand the importance of keeping their vehicle in tip-top shape. In ultimate terms, it will cost more throughout your life to keep a car or truck and not take care of it. In more immediate terms, the vehicle might not pass a state-required safety inspection and won't be able to be registered for legal use on public roads.

Routine Ford Maintenance

Ford makes great cars and trucks which are reliable year after year. As one of the original car manufacturers in the Americas, Ford has maintained a reputation of consistently well-made vehicles over the years. However, Ford cars and trucks are like all other vehicles and require routine maintenance procedures to offset the heavy work they endure daily. There are a few basic and routine maintenance procedures every car needs to assure continued peak performance and efficiency.

Engineering and Design

The fact of the matter is, every car on the road undergoes a basic physics equation concerning its mass times velocity, which results in an amount of energy used to propel the vehicle forward and an equal reaction of force against the car parts. Ford trucks are known to be well-designed and capable of handling such forces, yet still have engineering specifications to distribute such force to easily maintained areas instead of breaking something important.

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