Programming the Memory Seats in Your Ford Vehicle Edmonton, AB

Programming the Memory Seats in Your Ford Vehicle Edmonton, AB

How to Set Up Your Memory Seats

We all know the heart-wrenching feeling of letting someone else drive our vehicle and then having to re-adjust our seats and mirrors back to the way we originally had them. At Sherwood Ford, we know the time that you've devoted to finding the perfect configuration for your seat and mirrors. You've got the support where you need it, and you can see everything you need to see with a simple turn of your head. Now, your friend, spouse, or teen driver has come in and shifted everything on you. If you're hoping for an easier way of getting your setting back to the way you like them, you've got to check out the memory seat function featured on many Ford vehicles.

Many of the newer Ford models come with the innovative memory seats. These seats allow you to save your personal settings so even if someone changes your seat, you'll be able to revert back with the press of a button. In order to set up these seats, first make sure you've got your seat, mirrors, steering column, and power pedals in the optimal position. Then, put your key in the ignition and turn it to the "On" position without actually turning on the engine. Next, you'll notice three buttons on the side panel of the driver's door. Press and hold the "1" button for around five seconds until you hear a single chime. Once the chime sounds, immediately let go of the button and presto, your settings have been saved.

How to Set Up Your Key Fob Memory

If you're a fan of the Easy Entry and Easy Exit feature on many Ford models, then you're going love having your memory settings synced to your key fob. In order to do this, grab the key fob that you always use when driving, and repeat the steps above. However, this time hold the "1" button down until you hear the chime ring twice. As soon as the second chime sounds, press the lock button on your key fob. Now, every time you press the unlock button, your seats will automatically revert back to your preferred settings.


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