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Keeping your brakes in good working order is the most convenient way to ensure your brakes will stop when needed. It also provides peace of mind knowing you will be safe each time you get behind the wheel.

Common Brake Services

Brake services are varied and they include anything that has to do with the overall maintenance and health of your brakes. The first and most common brake service is replacing brake pads, front or rear. This is going to help keep your brakes stopping on a dime and is also going to help you make sure that your calipers and rotors stay in good shape as well. You may also get a braking system inspection to see if any parts need maintenance or if they are already in great shape. You can also get brake fluid exchanged, brake rotor resurfacing or replacement and more. These are all going to be services that are geared specifically at making sure that your brakes are in good shape and that they are going to stop your car as needed so that you do not have to be afraid that your car is unsafe.

Why Have Your Brake System Service?

Having your brakes serviced is not only necessary it is essential if you want your car to be safe and you do not want to be afraid that anything is wrong when you are driving or you do need to stop your car. Getting your brakes serviced at a certified service center is one of the best ways to make sure that your car is going to stop the way you want and need it to. Taking care of your brakes and changing things like your brake pads and getting great inspections does help to save you money, save you time, and helps you to be certain that your brakes are going to stop when you need them to and that you are going to be fully safe no matter what.

Choose Sherwood Ford

If you are on the hunt for a full-service center that can assist you in caring for your brakes, look no further than Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park, AB. We provide a customer lounge to enjoy while you wait and express service department, and a high-end service center to provide you with the best possible service. We offer a large variety of services to ensure we can provide your Ford with all the necessary services including those involving your brakes.

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