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Ford Front Brake Pad Service

New Ford Front Brake Pads in Strathcona County

When your front brake pads are worn but the rear brake pads have life left, we invite you to get an efficient front brake pad replacement that provides you with precisely what you need to get back on the road quickly and conveniently.

Replacing Your Brake Pads

The brakes on every Ford vehicle generate resistance powerful enough to stop the vehicle. Stopping power is generated at the master cylinder and sent through hydraulic brake fluid and into the brake calipers that press the brake pads into the rotor disc. When the brake pads are clamped against the rotors, it creates the friction and resistance necessary to bring the vehicle to a stop.

When Do I Need New Brake Pads

The extreme friction and heat between the brake pads and rotors demand that the pads are designed to wear away incrementally to protect the other brake system components from damages. It is for these reasons that brake pads require inspections and replacement service when they are worn to the point that risk outweighs the reward. Ford outlines an inspection and replacement schedule for brake pads in every model’s booklet. When the mileage interval arrives, the brake pads will need to be inspected and replaced when they are found to be worn and carry an excessive risk of defective performance, or worse – failure while driving.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it is time for your vehicle’s next brake system inspection and front brake pad replacement as needed:

  • Are the brakes making strange noises when activated? 
  • Is the ABS brake system maintenance light on? 
  • Do you feel any wobbles, vibrations, or shaking when braking?  
  • Can you smell a pungent burning odor while driving?
  • Do the brake pads look like they have a 6.35 millimeter or less of pad left? 
  • Does your vehicle need more distance to stop compared to before?

Sherwood Ford Service

Our service includes a certified technician and genuine Ford OEM parts from our parts department. Our qualified technician begins by removing the old front brake pads, inspecting the brake system thoroughly including all components, and installs the new Ford OEM brake pads to restore factory specifications.

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