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New Brake Pads in Sherwood Park

When your Ford, car, truck, van, or SUV is due for a routine brake pad inspection and replacement service as needed, we invite you to secure our Ford service department for all of your vehicle’s brake system needs. We proudly serve all Ford models from Strathcona County with quality brake pad replacement services offering our customers more value than they can get from an independent shop.

Brake Pad Maintenance

Stopping a Ford vehicle is just like stopping any other vehicle with a similar brake system design and brake pad maintenance requirements. Brake pads are a known limitation of the Ford brake system’s performance as they are designed to wear out purposefully to protect the other braking components from damages.

Ways to Get More out of your Brake Pads

To keep the brakes functioning properly, the brake pads will require routine inspections and replacement service just before, or immediately in response to the brake pads’ wear warning indicator striking the rotor disc to cause the telltale screech. Hearing this eardrum-piercing warning signals that little brake pad life remains and the brakes are at increased risk for defective performance with compromised passenger safety. There are driving factors known to cause brake pads to wear quickly. When our customers know about these factors and adjust their driving styles, they can help mitigate the threat of rapid brake pad wear and squeeze more life out of your brake pads. 

Here are a few driving tips that can help our customers get more life out of their brake pads while saving money on overall operational expenses:

  • Never engage in two-footed driving 
  • Prevent heavy-footed from stopping by coasting to stop as much as possible 
  • Reduce cargo load and keep the vehicle as light as possible 
  • Follow Ford’s recommendation for your vehicle’s brake inspections and maintenance 
  • Respond quickly to audible noises when braking with expert service

Sherwood Ford Service

Service includes a certified technician and genuine Ford OEM brake pads from our adjacent Ford parts department staffed with knowledgeable parts advisors. Our expert technician will remove the full set of brake pads, inspect the full braking system thoroughly, and then installs new brake pads according to factory specifications. We can also perform a front brake pad replacement or rear brake pad replacement.

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