Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Ford Rear Brake Pad Service

Ford Rear Brake Pads in Strathcona County

Every service includes a qualified technician and genuine Ford OEM parts. No matter if you drive a Ford F-150 from Edmonton, Mustang from St. Albert, or Explorer from Ardrossan, our customers can rest assured that we provide all of the brake services that their vehicle will need at a quality that removes the guesswork and hassle from the service provider decision.

Installing New Rear Brake Pads

Service begins in our clean state-of-the-art Ford service department that employs certified technicians that understand the Ford braking system and its brake pad maintenance requirements professionally. Rest assured that we’ve performed countless rear brake pad replacements for vehicles just like yours. We will remove the worn rear brake pads, evaluate the other braking components, and install new genuine Ford OEM rear brake pads from our adjacent Ford parts department.

These Driving Factors Wreak Havoc on Brake Pads

By considering these factors known to cause rapid brake pad wear, our customers can adjust their driving style as needed to preserve their brake pads: 

  • Practice patience and drive with the flow of traffic to avoid heavy repeated braking 
  • Allow your vehicle sufficient following distance for easy stopping 
  • Remove unneeded weight to decrease cargo load 
  • Towing heavy loads in stop-and-go traffic 

The Ford Braking System

Rear brake pads are essential for the performance of a vehicle’s brakes; they represent the point of contact whereby friction and resistance occur to create the stopping power needed when you push the brake pedal. Located on the rear axle at the rear wheel locations, the rear brake pads create resistance against the rear rotor discs exactly as those in the front. However, the position on the rear axle produces a physics scenario whereby the front pads generally wear out at a different rate. It is for this reason that we provide an efficient rear brake pad replacement that takes care of the worn rear pads exclusively when the time is right.

Sherwood Ford Service

Service includes a certified technician and genuine Ford OEM brake pads from our adjacent Ford parts department staffed with parts advisors who are experts in Ford Parts. Our expert technician will inspect the full braking system thoroughly by removing the full set of brake pads, rear brake pads, or front brake pads, and then installs new brake pads according to factory specifications if necessary.

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