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Ford Transmission Fluid Exchange in Sherwood Park

At Sherwood Ford, we know the Ford transmission system and its maintenance requirements as Ford service professionals. When a Ford vehicle in Strathcona County is due for a routine transmission fluid inspection to determine if exchange service is needed, or if it starts to experience transmission performance problems, our customers can rest assured that we provide accurate inspections and high-quality transmission fluid exchange services recommended by Ford for your specific model.

The Ford Transmission System & Fluid Exchange Maintenance 101

The Ford transmission is a sophisticated system with high technologies better left to the Ford experts at our service department that understand the Ford transmission system and its maintenance requirements professionally. Transmissions sent torque variably into the drive wheels as needed given the desired speed, fuel input, and terrain conditions through the use of electronic controls and a series of complex internal gears. Transmission fluid is needed inside the transmission to serve as lubricating oil as well as a power-transferring hydraulic. Given the fact that defective transmission fluid can effectively immobilize a vehicle, we recommend following Ford’s recommendation for your vehicle’s routine transmission fluid inspections and replacement service when its condition and performance become compromised.

Indicators of Defective Transmission Fluid

If your vehicle begins to experience any of these telltale indicators of defective transmission fluid performance, it is an excellent decision to schedule a transmission inspection and corrective maintenance as needed to restore peak transmission performance in support of your vehicle’s overall comfort, reliability, and safety:

  • Clunking or whining sounds
  • Lack of response or delayed gear engagement
  • A pungent burnt smell near the wheels
  • Leaking fluid
  • Gears are grinding
  • Makes noises when in neutral
  • Dashboard light – ABS brake system warning light

Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

A transmission fluid exchange service features one of our finest certified technicians due to the complexities of the Ford transmission system and the value of a highly-qualified technician. The certified technician will begin by draining the remaining fluid from the transmission, inspect the transmission system with a special focus on identifying worn seals or gasket damages that will compromise fluid, and if all looks good, will install fresh genuine Ford OEM transmission fluid to restore factory specifications.

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