2018 Ford Expedition vs 2018 Chevy Traverse

2018 Ford Expedition vs 2018 Chevy Traverse

Full-size SUV models offer full-size versatility for families with the latest automotive technologies. Models such as the 2018 Ford Expedition and the 2018 Chevy Traverse are fit with the most advanced features for performance, flexibility and enhanced driver experience. However, comparing the two SUVs, there are a few differences that can make a big difference in which model is best for your family's needs.

Aesthetically, the 2018 Expedition features an iconic Ford design that is more chiseled and aggressive than the new Traverse. It's grille features a new chrome option and its wheel lineup an available 22-inch polished aluminum choice. The Traverse features chrome inserts and tops out at with a 20-inch wheel option. These differences in style are not the only disparities between the models either. Keep reading for exclusive Ford Expedition features.

2018 Ford Expedition vs 2018 Chevy Traverse
3.5L EcoBoost Engine 3.6L V6
Available Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Available
7or 8 Passenger Seating 7 or 8
Pro Trailer Backup Assist Backup Assist Technology Not Available


The 2018 Expedition is Fit with Best-In-Class Features

When it comes to in-car technologies, both the new Expedition and the new Traverse have options for Wi-Fi, smartphone integration and advanced safety. Where the 2018 Expedition provides an advantage to drivers is its best-in-class systems not found on the Traverse. The Expedition features best-in-class towing capability of up to 4218 kg and an exclusive Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature.

The Expedition's new Pro Trailer Backup Assist makes backing up a trailer easy by controlling the vehicle while the driver dictates the trailer direction. As the driver turns the knob that indicates trailer direction, the system automatically controls vehicle speed and wheel direction.

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