2018 Ford F-350 vs 2018 RAM 3500

2018 Ford F-350 vs 2018 RAM 3500

At the upper echelon of truck performance lies the heavy-duty breed of pickups, characterized in large part by diesel engines, stellar body construction, gritty demeanors and all the tech capability to keep your blue-collar business moving forward smoothly. For only the toughest jobs and the most demanding professions, you’ll need a truck that’s willing to go the extra kilometre every time you step inside, without so much as a complaint or a hiccup. These are exactly the kinds of values that have made the 2018 Ford F-350 and 2018 RAM 3500 two of the top-rated pickups in all of North America. They’ve formed quite the reputations for their longevity, durability and uncanny willingness to do all the dirty work, but which one best suits your line of work?

Our Sherwood Ford team has taken the liberty of putting some research together on the 2018 Ford F-350 and 2018 RAM 3500, in order to give you a closer look at what each can do. Join us and find your new favourite truck!

2018 Ford F-350 vs 2018 RAM 3500
$35,264 Starting MSRP $45,695
6.7-liter 4-Valve Power Stroke Diesel V8 Strongest Aavilable Engine 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel Inline 6
450 Horsepower / 935 Pound-Feet Maximum Horsepower / Torque Output 370 Horsepower / 800 Pound-Feet
9.525kg / 3,461kg (With Dual Rear-Wheel Configuration) Towing / Payload Capacity 8,060kg / 2,985kg


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Though the 2018 Ford F-350 and 2018 RAM 3500 are both built with high-strength frames that form the basis to their construction, the aluminum-alloy materials used in the 2018 F-350 leave it much lighter than its RAM counterpart, but still able to tow and haul much greater amounts. That’s not even mentioning the Power Stroke® Diesel engine available with the F-350, which offers the highest amount of torque on the heavy-duty pickup market. Plus, with an AdvanceTrac® system (with Roll Stability Control®) the F-350 does a much better job at keeping you moving forward with everything you need in tow - that’s something that the RAM 3500 simply can’t match.

If you have any further questions about the 2018 Ford F-350 and would like to schedule a test drive today, don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call. We’re always happy to help you get behind the wheel, and we’d love the chance to answer any questions you might have regarding the F-350 and all its best features!