2020 Ford Edge ST-Line near Edmonton, AB 

The 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line is inspired by the 2020 Ford Edge ST trim level. In many ways, these vehicles are similar. The ST-Line model has the same sporty exterior as the ST trim level; however, it does not have the same performance equipment. The 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line was created to cater towards those who want the sporty design but don’t want to pay the price for the performance features of the ST trim level. Keep reading below to learn more about the performance, style, and technology of the 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line.  

2020 Ford Edge front view

2020 Ford Edge ST-Line – performance  

While it doesn’t have the performance of the ST trim level, the ST-Line model is still a force to be reckoned with. The 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line features a standard 2 L, twin-scroll, EcoBoost ® engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine has Auto Start-Stop, which is a feature designed to improve fuel economy by cutting back on idling time at stop lights and other situations. 

The 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line has available all-wheel-drive capability, so you don’t have to give up on your preferred drive-train. As implied, the standard drive-train is not all-wheel-drive, which is the preferred choice for off-road drivers. 

2020 Ford Edge  wheel close up

2020 Ford Edge ST-Line – style 

Style is the main selling point for the 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line. If you love a stylish vehicle and are not the type to shy away from sporty design cues, this model might be the one for you. With a unique ST-style grille, body-colored bumpers, ST belt-line molding, 20-inch gloss black wheels, and more, this model comes with plenty of extra features that take the 2020 Ford Edge SUV's style to the next level. 

Other exterior features include standard fog lamps and LED lighting. These functional features are both attractive and useful.  

2020 Ford Edge side close up

2020 Ford Edge ST-Line – technology  

The 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line is jam-packed with modern technology features for convenience, entertainment, and safety. In the vein of entertainment, the 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line has a SYNC ® 3 system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay ™, Android Auto ™, and Waze ™ music services. For convenience, it has Ford CoPilot360 ® Assist technology.  

Ford CoPilot360 technologies overlap between convenience and safety. Features like Adaptive Cruise Control make highway cruising easier and less intensive for you, while also keeping you safer. Enhanced Active Park Assist takes the stress out of parking and helps to prevent an accident. 

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