4 Ways To Improve Fuel Efficiency

4 Ways To Improve Fuel Efficiency

Your friends at Sherwood Ford are here to help you bolster the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle. Many common driving habits can cause a vehicle to lose some of its fuel efficiency, and by making simple adjustments, you'll be back in the L/100 km range that you desire. If you're interested in upgrading to a vehicle with a better fuel-economy rating, check out our inventory of vehicles that average around 9.5 L/100 km.

1. Starting and Stopping

This can be the biggest detractor to a vehicle's fuel efficiency. When you're racing at 130 kph on the highways, you're basically throwing away money at the pump. Instead of taking off like a NASCAR driver. Try taking things a little slower. We know it sounds like we're parents telling kids to drive slow, but if you want better fuel efficiency, driving slow is the way to go. Also, when you see that a traffic light is turning red, start slowing down ahead of time to reduce brake usage. Moderating your speed can save you up to 15% on fuel economy.

2. Tire Pressure

This one is a total no-brainer. You should check to make sure your tires are properly inflated regularly anyways, but did you know that having tires at the recommended pressure can improve your fuel efficiency? Manufacturers put those recommendations on the tires for a reason. In addition to helping your vehicle perform at an optimal level, have properly-inflated tires can drastically improve your fuel economy.

3. Remove Roof Racks

We all know that person who proudly displays their roof rack even while they aren't headed out to the lake with their equipment. We get it, you hike, bike, camp, or whatever. The only things that roof rack is doing for you right now is making your vehicle look ridiculous and taking away from its fuel-efficiency. Roof racks cause additional drag and more drag means your engine needs to work harder in order to overcome said drag.

4. Windows Up

While this isn't an issue during the winter months here in Alberta, driving around with your windows down during those beautiful summer days can harm your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Remember that drag that we talked about earlier? Yeah, it's back. Driving on the highway with your windows down can decrease your fuel efficiency by up to 10%! Roll 'em up and save yourself some hard-earned money.