What are the Differences Between Gas and Diesel Engines?

What are the Differences Between Gas and Diesel Engines?

When you come to Sherwood Ford in hopes of getting yourself behind the wheel of a new pickup truck, you must first figure out if your truck needs call for a diesel engine or a regular gasoline engine. What are the differences between the two you ask? Let's take a look at some of the key differences between gasoline and diesel engines.

While it's true that diesel engines typically offer better fuel efficiency than gas engines provide, the gap has becoming narrower over the past few years. Direct-injected and turbocharged engines have significantly improved the fuel efficiency that a gas engine is able to provide. Diesel and gas prices are fairly similar, especially when comparing diesel prices to the price of mid-grade and premium gas. 

Remember when we were kids and we knew the minute the school bus was on its way down the street simply because we could hear it? While diesel engines have always been louder than traditional gasoline engines, the science and technology that have gone into today's diesel engines have allowed the trucks to become significantly quieter than in years past.

Here's the big one. Power. When it comes to maximum towing capacity and capability, you can't beat a diesel engine. Gas engines have no problems towing your boat or trailer out to the lake, the rig, or wherever you need to haul your things, but diesel engines offer more towing capacity, crank out more torque, and are better-suited for towing over longer distances than gasoline engines. If you're planning on using your new truck for frequent or heavy-duty towing and hauling jobs, a diesel engine may be in your best interest.

Lucky for you, we happen to have a wide variety of both diesel and gasoline engine pickup trucks here at Sherwood Ford. No matter what your truck needs are, you can rest assured that we have just what you're looking for. Take a look at our inventory online and then schedule a test drive by filling out a simple form. That way you can choose the best day and time that work best with your busy schedule, and you'll know that we have the keys ready and waiting for you to get here.