Ford Winter Performance Package at Sherwood Ford in Edmonton AB

Now that the weather is getting colder and snow is on the horizon, it’s time to shift gears and prepare for impending winter conditions. We want to help you get your Ford model ready for the new season, and to do that, we’re offering our very own Ford Winter Performance Package right here at Sherwood Ford. Join us below to see what’s included, which models have it, and how you can get yours installed today! 

Ford Winter Performance Package Features and Model Availability 

Our Winter Performance Package deals exclusively with tires and rims to help you combat snow, sleet and slick roads – upon purchase, we’ll install new steel rims, tire pressure sensors, and winter-ready tires with deeper treads, all able to help you tear through any oncoming hazards that might be on the road. Best yet, if you buy a Ford vehicle from us between now and December 2, 2019, we’ll add the Winter Performance Package to your model at no extra cost! 

Below are all the Ford models that we offer our Winter Performance Package for:  

  • EcoSport 
  • Escape  
  • Expedition 
  • Flex 
  • Fusion 
  • Explorer 
  • F-150 (Excluding Raptor) 
  • Edge (Excluding ST Trim) 
  • Ranger 

Schedule Automotive Service at Sherwood Ford in Edmonton AB 

If you’re looking to get our Winter Performance Package installed on your Ford vehicle today, you’ve picked a good time to do so. Contact our service centre at Sherwood Ford whenever you get a chance, and we’ll help you get your vehicle ready to roll no matter the outside condition! 

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