Winter Tires in Edmonton, AB

Winter Tires for Safer driving in Edmonton, AB

When preparing your vehicle for the winter months, remembering to change your tires can mean the difference between sliding all over the road, and a smooth, worry-free drive. Because we live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice, winter tires are crucial to staying safe during the long Alberta winters. You wouldn't want to get stuck in a ditch on your way to the new Rogers Places to watch the Oilers would you? Get some snow tires on your whip and drive with confidence. 


When you come to Sherwood Ford for your tire solutions, you receive an added piece of mind in knowing that our highly trained and certified technicians will have no problems finding the right set of winter tires no matter which Ford vehicle you drive. The best part about getting your winter tires from our service center is that if you find a set of winter tires advertised for a price lower than ours, we'll match it! That way you're always guaranteed the lowest price for all of your tire needs. If you don't have the space to store the tires that are currently on your vehicle, don't fret! We offer tire storage so you can keep more room in your garage.

What's Different About Winter Tires?

Winter tires have been built to optimize your stopping ability as well as to improve your handling through even the slickest of roads. Winter tires are made with a hydrophilic rubber that allows the tire to stay soft and pliable when driving over snow and ice. This flexibility allows winter tires to provide better traction than summer or all-season tires which are made with a stiffer compound.

Winter Tires at Sherwood Ford

Winter tires also have larger grooves between the tread to allow the biting edges of the tread to cut through even the deepest snow. Optional studs provide even more traction and grip to winter tires compared to summer or even all-season tires. When you're ready for a set of new winter tires, come on over to our Service Center here at Sherwood Ford. We'll get you set up with the perfect winter tires for your Ford vehicle.

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