Profile view of Custom Built Ford F-150 at Sherwood Ford

Giant Customs Retro Edition F-150 at Sherwood Ford 

Throughout September 2019, we’ve been working hard to bring you one of the coolest projects that our dealership has worked on thus far. We wanted to take the opportunity to bridge the iconic legacy of the Ford F-150 truck line by combining its legendary style and its current design cues – the result is our Retro Edition F-150, one of our favourite builds that we’ve ever had the pleasure of undertaking.  

You’re welcome to join our sales team as we introduce you to our Giant Customs Retro Edition F-150 at Sherwood Ford - for a cost of just over $13,000 CAD we were able to transform the present, existing F-150 pickup into one that would’ve been right at home in the 1980s, the decade when its legacy really started to take shape! 

Custom Built Ford F-150 at Sherwood Ford facing left
Sherwood Ford Retro Edition F-150 facing right

What was included in the Retro Edition F-150 Build?  

To bring the Retro Edition F-150 together, we had to bring in numerous high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories, all of them Ford-certified. We’ve listed all of them below:  

4-inch Rough Country Lift Kit 

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tires 

Pro Comp 69 Series Vintage Wheels 


KC 8-inch Pro-Sport HD Black Spot Beam and HID Beam 

Chrome Closed Spline Kit 

Motorcraft TPMS Monitors 

Vinyl Film Wrap 

You’ll notice that with all of these, our goal wasn’t simply to create a model that would have the look and feel of one from decades past – it was to make a truck that has all those elements, but also carries the ability to perform better than anything else on the market both on and off the track. In our eyes, this was a complete success! 

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If you’re interested in getting a custom fit of your own for your Ford pickup, SUV or sedan, you should know that our Sherwood Ford Giant Customs team is happy to help. We’re certified and trained to install just about any part or accessory that you want, so contact us today to set up an appointment. We’d be happy to see you!