How are my Ford tires warrantied?

How are my Ford tires warrantied?

When you purchase a new Ford from an authorized dealer such as Sherwood Ford, you are provided with a New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Under that warranty, the original tires provided by the manufacturer are covered for 100% of labor costs and a pro-rated percentage for the tires themselves.

Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty Tire Coverage:

  • 1-12,000 miles driven: 100%
  • 12,011-24,000 miles driven: 60%
  • 24,001-36,000 miles driven: 30 %

What is the Ford Warranty on replacement tires?

In addition to your Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty on your tires, there will also be a manufacturer warranty that may extend past the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. There will be literature provided with your vehicle at the time of purchase for specific warranty information.

After the New Vehicle Warranty expires, the manufacturer warranty will be the sole warranty on your vehicle tires. When it's time to replace your Ford's tires, your tire warranty will fall solely under the tire warranty of the manufacturer.

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