How do I change a tire?

How do I change a tire?

Knowing how to change a tire can be extremely important, especially if it's your tire.  Here is a quick step-by-step on how to change a tire:

1. Always change a tire in a safe location and find a straight, level-ground area; you should also not abruptly brake or turn when having a flat tire, be sure to turn on your hazard lights as well

2. To make sure your vehicle doesn't roll, apply the parking brake and block your other wheels with wheel wedges or large rocks—something that will prevent rolling—and remove the hubcap

3. Next, loosen the lug nuts by turning counterclockwise with a lug wrench – Do not remove them all the way yet, only loosen them

4. Place a jack below your vehicle's frame, near the wheel that you are changing, and be sure that it won't move or give out, then you should raise your vehicle so that your wheel is about 6-inches above the ground

5. Now you may remove the lug nuts and gently remove the tire

6. Line up the spare tire with the lug bolts and slide it in place, then screw on the lug nuts by hand

7. Lower your vehicle with the jack, but don't put its full weight down, and tighten the lug nuts with the lug wrench

8. Lower your vehicle completely and replace the hubcap, then check the tire pressure to make sure it's safe to drive on

Afterwards you should take your flat tire to a technician and see if it can be fixed or it it should be replaced.

Contact our service team today if you have a flat tire that needs to be looked at or if you need to order new tires.