How do I know when my wiper blades need to be replaced?

How do I know when my wiper blades need to be replaced?

Windshield wipers don't seem like a particularly important part of your vehicle until it starts to rain or snow. Then, it becomes vital to have good wiper blades to maintain visibility out your windshield. How can you tell when you need your wiper blades replaced? Simply put, when they don't work well anymore, that is when you should switch them out for a new set.

Some warning signs of wiper blades that are failing include streaking, smearing, squeaking, and skipping. If you are getting any of these warning signs, it is a good time to bring your vehicle into Sherwood Ford near Edmonton AB, or your local auto parts location, to get a new set of wiper blades.

Windshield wiper maintenance at Sherwood Ford

How often should you replace your wiper blades? Generally speaking, you will know when you need to replace your wiper blades because they will no longer be working well. However, this is generally every six months to a year.

Because the maintenance interval for windshield wiper blades is just slightly more than how often you need to get an oil change, it can be a good idea to get your blades replaced every other oil change. The next time you come into Sherwood Ford for a regular maintenance visit, let one of our service professionals know that you might be interested in replacement wiper blades as well. It only takes a couple minutes to replace wiper blades, and it can have significant benefits for your window visibility.