How do you find a tire size on the tire sidewall?

How do you find a tire size on the tire sidewall?

To find the tire size of your current tires, you will need to look at specific numbers on the tire sidewall. For example, the 2017 Ford Escape has a standard tire size of P235/55R17 which can be found on the outside wall of the tire. Each letter and number correlates to tire types and sizes. See the number breakdown:

P – Tire type. P = Passenger Vehicle Tires. LT = Light Truck.
235 – Tire width sidewall to sidewall.
55 – Aspect Ratio. The height of the tire is equal to 55% of the width.
R – Contruction of the tire.
17 – Wheel diameter (Wheel Size).

The Importance of getting the right tires

If you are ordering new tires, whether to install them yourself or have them professionally installed, getting the size is important. Not having the recommended wheel size on your vehicle can affect your fuel economy, odometer count and speedometer readings.

To find out which tire size or sizes are recommended for your vehicle, consult your owner's manual or contact our team of skilled technicians at Sherwood Ford.