How to Replace a Tail Light


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How to Replace a Tail Light

What You'll Need

Nobody likes being pulled over. It can cause you to be late for work, later getting home, later meeting your friends, and much more. While practicing safe driving habits is the best way to ensure that you never find yourself pulled over by one of Canada's finest, making sure your tail lights are working definitely help. Usually, we notice that our tail light has burnt out after it's too late. But, if we catch it soon enough, we can avoid being pulled over and being told to get it fixed, or pay a fine.

Luckily, replacing your tail lights are a quick and easy job that anyone can do in a matter of minutes. All you'll need to do is gather up the appropriate tools, and a new bulb and you're all set! Get out your tool box and grab out a screwdriver. Some vehicles use flat-head screws, and other use Phillips-head screws, so you'll have to check what kind of screwdriver you'll need by dropping the tailgate/lifting the trunk. You may also need a socket/ratchet set.

Replacing Your Tail Light

The first step is to start your vehicle, get behind it, and have a friend press the brake pedal. This will allow you to see which light needs to be changed. Unless you feel like replacing all the bulbs, which is fine too. Then, you'll want to locate the nuts and remove them from the threaded studs using a socket or ratchet. Once you've removed the nuts, release the catch mechanism and twist to get the assembly out. When the assembly is out, remove the old bulb and insert the new one and then put everything back where it belongs.

If your vehicle doesn't have nuts, but has screws instead, no need to fear. Simply remove the screws, which are usually found underneath covers. Once you've got the screws undone, take a wooden or plastic tool to pry the light and stud out of its socket. You may be tempted to use your metal screwdriver since you've got it right next to you, but this could scratch your paint. Once you've got the assembly out, change the burnt bulb and put everything back into its place. Presto! You've changed your tail light.