Is my Ford factory warranty valid if I have the oil changed at a local garage?

Is my Ford factory warranty valid if I have the oil changed at a local garage?

With each vehicle purchase, Ford offers a limited warranty to protect drivers in the event of a manufacturer part failure. For new and pre-owned models there are different coverage available depending on various factors. The important thing to note about these warranties is what actions void them. While there is a list of actions that void your Ford Warranty, such as the use of additives not approved by Ford or environmental damage, things such as keeping up on your regularly scheduled maintenance do not void your warranty.

If you choose to take your Ford a local auto repair shop, as long as the mechanic is using Ford approved products, your warranty will not be voided.

Why service with Sherwood Ford?

Rather than guess at which motor oils and filters are manufacturer approved, bring your vehicle to our Sherwood Ford service department. We only use manufacturer approved products and processes so you can be sure your warranty will not be voided. At our dealership, you can also make sure your aftermarket customization does not void your warranty with our Rosch Performance products. We are a certified Rosch Performance dealer and would love to help you customize your ride.

At Sherwood Ford, our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. That's why we always offer a number of month service specials to save our customers money and hassle on regularly schedule maintenance and services.