Should I Wash My Car in the Winter?

Should I Wash My Car in the Winter?

Importance of Winter Washing

Ah, it's that time of the year again here in Edmonton. The leaves have changed and fallen, birds have flown south, the Oilers are back at Rogers Place, and the snow is upon us. With the snow and ice comes the salt, sand, and other materials used to keep the presents of winter off of our roads. While these materials are good for keeping the street clean, they are very bad for the health of our vehicles. Salt is extremely corrosive, and causes rust on the body, exhaust system, and more, which compromises the integrity of the vehicle.

Thankfully, rust can be prevented by investing a little time and elbow grease. Think about it, you've paid so much money for the vehicle of your dreams. Why wouldn't you want to keep it in pristine condition? When the weather starts to get a little chilly, give your car a good wash to get all the dirt off of it, and apply a coat of wax. Not only does the wax help your vehicle shine, it also adds an important extra layer of protection between your vehicle and salt and debris from the road.

Keep Your Vehicle Protected

While it may seem like a strange idea given the temperatures during winter months in Alberta, but washing your vehicle every week or every other week is another key factor to keeping it protected from rust. Pick a day when the temperatures are above freezing, or very close to it, and spray water into as many nooks and crannies as you can find. Salt and debris from the road get everywhere and it's imperative to get rid of all of it. You should also be sure to wash underneath your vehicle to ensure that you get rid of any big chunks of salt trying to hitch a ride.  


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