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Used 2018 Ford Edge Sport Sherwood Park, AB

2018 Ford Edge Sport Sherwood Park, AB

2018 Edge Sport Power and Handling

Powering the popular Ford Edge Sport is a 2.7L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine that features many of today's most innovative engine technologies in order to optimize both power and efficiency. This engine is made with a light and compact graphite iron engine block and aluminum heads that reduce overall weight and increase overall power. This lightweight beast of an engine easily hammers out 315 horsepower and an astounding 350 lb-ft of torque when you press down on the accelerator. This makes the 2.7L EcoBoost the most powerful gasoline-powered V6 engine in its class.

Paired with this engine is the standard Curve Control feature. Curve Control works by monitoring your vehicle's speed while you're going through a turn. If the system detects that you're going too fast for the turn you're taking, it will automatically slow down your engine speed in order to keep you in control and all four of your wheels on the ground. Another standard feature that helps keep you in command of your vehicle is the traction control system. This feature monitors your tires and can automatically adjust the throttle when it detects that one of your wheels is losing traction.

2018 Edge Sport Technology

The engine isn't the only part of the Edge Sport that features ground-breaking technologies. Available on the 2018 Edge Sport is a Lane Departure Warning system which is capable of monitoring your exact position within your lane. Sensors located behind the rear-view mirror read the road markings and are able to detect when you begin to unintentionally veer out of your lane. When this happens, the system will send you warnings to get your attention and to help you get back into your correct position. When you want to change lanes on purpose, just use your turn signals.

Also available on the 2018 Edge Sport is the ever-popular Enhanced Active Park Assist system. By using ultrasonic sensors, this system is able to search for, and locate parking spaces that your Edge Sport will fit inside of. Once a spot is found, you'll be prompted to let the system park your Edge Sport for you. After you follow the prompt, all you'll need to do is man the brakes, the accelerator, and shift gears while your 2018 Edge Sport seamlessly begins to park itself into even the tightest of parking stalls. This system can also help you navigate out of a tight spot, and can even help you parallel park!

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