Used 2018 Ford Escape SEL Sherwood Park, AB

2018 Escape SEL Performance

The 2018 Ford Escape SEL is powered by two different engine choices that both feature the latest in engine technologies designed to optimize power and maximize efficiency. First, the standard 1.5L EcoBoost® engine boasts a commanding estimated rating of 7.8L/100km when properly equipped and when driving under ideal conditions. This engine is able to achieve such an amazing rating by making use out of the Auto Start-Stop technology. This system turns your engine off when you come to a complete stop, and then seamlessly turns it back on when you take pressure off the brakes.

Available on the 2018 Escape SEL, the 2.0L Twin-Scroll EcoBoost® engine turns up the power without compromising on efficiency. With this beast of an engine living under the hood of your Escape SEL, you'll be treated to 245 horsepower ready and waiting for you to press down on the accelerator. This engine comes with the Intelligent 4WD System which constantly monitors the road conditions and tire traction to detect any tires slipping. When the system notices that a tire has lost traction, it will automatically transfer torque from a different wheel to compensate.

2018 Escape SEL Technology

In addition to different engine options, the 2018 Escape SEL also has different Driver Assist options that have been designed to make driving easier, more convenient, and most of all, safer. Take the available Lane-Keeping System, for example. By using a sensor located behind the rear-view mirror, the system is able to detect your position within your lane by reading the markings on the road. When you begin to unintentionally veer out of your lane, the system will automatically send you a warning in order to get your attention and to get you back in your proper position.

Also available on the 2018 escape SEL is the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Much like the Lane-Keeping System, the Adaptive Cruise Control uses a sensor in the front of the Escape SEL to monitor the area around it. This time, the sensor monitors the distance between your Escape SEL and the vehicle in front of you. When the system detects that the distance between the two vehicles is beginning to shrink, it will automatically slow down your engine speed in order to keep you and your precious cargo at a safe distance until traffic speeds up or clears out.

Average Response Time is 3 Minutes