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Used 2018 Ford Expedition XLT Sherwood Park, AB

2018 Ford Expedition XLT Sherwood Park, AB

2018 Expedition XLT Performance

Powering the 2018 Ford expedition XLT is the strong and efficient 3.5L EcoBoost® engine which features many of the latest engine technologies to help it optimize performance and efficiency. One of these technologies is the advanced direct-injection system. By giving the engine the perfect amount of fuel each time, this system is able to cut down on wasted gasoline which in turn increases your fuel efficiency and power ratings. This engine also features twin air-to-air intercooled turbochargers which are able to deliver a surge of power in a moment's notice. With this engine, you'll be treated to 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque.

With all the power that your engine cranks out, you'll be able to tow some pretty heavy loads with your Expedition XLT. In order to help you back up to your trailer, the engineers at Ford have developed an available Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature that makes backing up a trailer easier than ever before. Whether you're a seasoned vet at backing up your trailer or if you're relatively new to the game, you've probably run into a time where your trailer hasn't gone exactly where you wanted it to go. With this system, simply turn a dial in the direction you want your trailer to go, and the system will make sure your trailer goes that way.

2018 Expedition XLT Technology

In addition to being home to a powerful and efficient engine, the Expedition XLT also features a host of standard and available technologies that have been designed to make driving more fun, convenient, and safe for everyone on the road. Take the available Lane-Keeping System, for example. A sensor located behind your rear-view mirror will be able to read the markings on the road in order to get a sense of your exact position within your lane. When the system notices that you're beginning to unintentionally veer out of your lane, it will automatically send you alerts in order to get your attention, and to get you back into your proper place.

Another available technology on the Expedition XLT is the innovative Blind Spot Information System, or BLIS®. This system also uses sensors, but instead of keeping watch over the area in front of your vehicle, these sensors watch the areas around your side panels. When the system detects that another car is entering into an area that you might not be able to see out of your mirrors, it will automatically illuminate a light on the appropriate side-view mirror letting you know that it isn't safe to change lanes quite yet. While this is surely helpful, we stull recommend physically checking before changing lanes.