2019 Ford Edge Edmonton, AB

Used 2019 Ford Edge Edmonton, AB

2019 Edge Design

The Ford Edge is back with an all-new look for 2019. Up front, the grille has been outfitted with chrome that surrounds the grille in order to make it pop. To go along with the new grille design, the 2019 Edge also features standard Bi-LED headlights that give the Edge a sophisticated look. These lights are also brighter than traditional halogen headlights which means you'll be able to see even in the darkest Alberta nights. Out back, the 2019 Edge has also been given new LED taillights, bright exhaust tips, and an elegant new fascia to give it a stylish look.

On the inside, the 2019 Edge features an available 180-degree front-facing camera that has been designed to help you navigate in and out of any tight parking spaces. This camera also comes in handy if your view of either side is obstructed, as it will provide a wide view of everything in front of your vehicle. If the camera ever gets dirty, simply press a button and the camera will clean itself so you can always receive a crystal-clear view. With its new rotary gear shift dial, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to put your vehicle in park again. The automatic Return to Park feature will shift your Edge into park in order to reduce any potential rollaway.

2019 Edge Technology

In addition to being one of the more stylish vehicles on the road, the 2019 Edge will also be one of the smartest. Coming standard on the 2019 Edge is a Blind Spot Information System that acts like eyes in the back of your vehicle. This system uses sensors that are located along the rear panels to monitor your blind spots. When it detects that another vehicle is in an area that you may not be able to see, it will automatically illuminate a warning light on the appropriate side-view mirror in order to inform you that it isn't safe to change lanes quite yet.

Available on the 2019 Edge, the Adaptive Cruise Control feature also uses a sensor, but instead of watching the rear end of the Edge, it will monitor the distance between your 2019 Edge and the car ahead of you while you're in cruise control. When the system begins to detect that the distance between the two vehicles is shrinking, it will automatically slow down your engine speed to keep you and your passengers at a safe distance away from the vehicle in front of you. When traffic speeds back up or clears, you'll return to your set cruising speed until the system detects that you've caught up to traffic once again.

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