Used 2019 Ford Transit Connect Sherwood Park, AB

2019 Ford Transit Connect Sherwood Park, AB

2019 Transit Connect Versatility

With available space for up to seven passengers, the 2019 Ford transit Connect is the perfect vehicle for large families, and business owners alike. The spacious interior is perfect for loading up the kids or grandkids for a family trip, or for getting your employees to and from the job site every day. The large side panels on the 2019 Transit Connect will be a great space to advertise your business as well. For those who don't need as much space inside of their Transit Connect, the standard wheelbase provides room for five passengers while still providing an exceptional amount of interior room.

The 2019 Transit Connect is available in both a gas and diesel engine, allowing to fit your every need. The 1.5L EcoBlue® diesel engine has been designed to allow the 2019 Transit Connect to reach an EPA-estimated rating of at least 7.8L/100km when properly equipped and under ideal driving conditions. The 2.0L gasoline engine has ways to be more efficient and save you money on fuel as well. Standard with this engine is Auto Start-Stop technology which shuts off your engine when you come to a complete stop. As soon as you release pressure from the brake pedal, it will seamlessly restart the engine and you'll be on your way.

2019 Transit Connect Technology

Available on the 2019 Transit Connect is a Blind Spot Information System, BLIS®, which acts like an extra set of eyes in the back of your vehicle. Sensors along the side panels will constantly monitor the area around your Transit Connect in order to keep a look out for any vehicles that are in your blind spots. When the system does detect another vehicle in an area that you may not be able to see, it will automatically illuminate a light on the appropriate side-view mirror letting you know that it isn't safe to change lanes. While this is surely helpful, we still recommend checking before changing lanes.

Also available on the 2019 Transit Connect is the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Much like the Blind Spot Information System, the Adaptive Cruise Control system uses a sensor to monitor the area around your Transit Connect. Instead of being located in the back of the vehicle, this sensor is located in the front and keeps an eye on the area between your Transit Connect and the car ahead of you while you're cruising. When the system detects that the distance between the two vehicles is beginning to shrink, it will automatically slow down your engine speed to keep you and your precious cargo at a safe distance away until traffic speeds up.

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