What are the Benefits of Buying a Used Car?

What are the Benefits of Buying a Used Car?

Whenever you're buying a car, figuring out whether you want to buy a new vehicle, or a pre-owned model is probably one of the first things that you should do. Once you've decided new or used, you can then browse then browse the appropriate inventories until you find the perfect vehicle that will fit all of your needs. What are some of the benefits to buying a used car, you ask? Your friends here at Sherwood Ford have put together a quick list of a handful of reasons why it may be beneficial to buy a pre-owned vehicle rather than a brand new one.

1. Price

There's an old saying that says something in regard to a new vehicle loses thousands of dollars in value the instant you drive it off the lot. That saying is still true today, and it is one of the reasons why you get a better bargain buying a pre-owned vehicle. Depreciation is the killer that affects all brand-new vehicles, and even if you opt for a pre-owned vehicle that is only one or two years old, you'll still face the depreciation dilemma, although you'll lose a lot less money less quickly than if it was brand new.

2. Condition

When you purchase an AMVIC inspected pre-owned vehicle here at Sherwood Ford, it must meet strict mechanical safety standards placed on it by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council. When a Ford-certified technician looks over each pre-owned vehicle, he/she inspects the powertrain, chassis, amenities, and overall safety condition before officially passing it. Sherwood Ford pre-owned Ford vehicles also come with a 3-month 5,000 Km limited warranty coverage.


When you look at a pre-owned vehicle at Sherwood Ford, you get the benefit of checking the vehicle's complete history with a CARFAX report. This report tell you important information such as accidents and damages, registration, recalls, service history, and more.

4. Insurance Costs

While part of your insurance rates depends on your personal driving record, another key factor that contributes to the cost of auto insurance is how much the vehicle is worth. Since pre-owned vehicles have less monetary value than brand-new vehicles, insurance costs can be drastically lower depending on which model you choose.