What is the Ford Lease Vehicle Inspection?

What is the Ford Lease Vehicle Inspection?

The Ford Lease Vehicle Inspection

If you've taken advantage of the great leasing options we have here at Sherwood Ford, and you're nearing the end of your term, you'll need to schedule a Ford Lease Vehicle Inspection. The vehicle inspection provides detailed information about the condition of your vehicle which helps us provide an assessment of any excess wear and use. We recommend doing your own vehicle inspection so you have a good idea of how much wear is on your leased vehicle, and can fix it appropriately before bringing it in. Helpful hint: one area that most people tend to forget about is the tires.

How Do I Schedule a Ford Lease Vehicle Inspection?

About 35-45 days before your lease term is up, you should be contacted by a company who performs the inspections in order to arrange a date and location for your inspection. We recommend choosing the earliest possible day for your inspection that way you'll have more time to take care of any excess wear and use. We also recommend cleaning your vehicle prior to the inspection and removing any loose items, especially in the trunk. The inspectors cannot move any items, and need a clear view of everything during the inspection.

What Happens During the Ford Lease Vehicle Inspection?

Once the inspectors arrive, they will identify themselves with their company ID and ask for the keys to the vehicle so they can perform the inspection. If the inspectors do not provide their company ID right away, be sure to ask to see it before letting them have your keys. You're allowed to take part in the inspection, and we encourage that you do, if possible. Inspections usually take around 30 minutes as the interior, exterior, and electrical components of the vehicle will be checked.

What Happens After the Ford Lease Vehicle Inspection?

After your inspection, you'll be given a Vehicle Condition Report to review. At this time, you can choose to make any repairs to the vehicle in order to avoid any fines for excess wear and tear. Remember, if you choose to have your repairs done here at Sherwood Ford, our certified mechanics will use only genuine Ford parts when working on your vehicle. Nothing makes your Ford vehicle run properly like authentic Ford parts, and our technicians would never dream of using anything else for your vehicle maintenance.


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