What do You Need to do After You Buy a Vehicle?

What do You Need to do After You Buy a Vehicle?

You've finally bought the Ford of your dreams. Maybe it's a brand-new Mustang, or an aggressive Ford F-150 Raptor. Either way, now that you've bought your new vehicle, you need to know what the next steps are. That's where we come in. Your friends at Sherwood Ford are here to tell you everything you need to do after you purchase your new Ford. Fortunately, nothing on this list is hard or stressful. In fact, everything is pretty easy to do, and we've got a lot of information to help you through it.

In order to legally drive on public roads, you must first register your new or used vehicle. Thankfully, when you buy your car, truck, or SUV here at Sherwood Ford, we'll provide you with the necessary paperwork to take to an Alberta Motor Registry to your vehicle registration. To fully register your new vehicle, be sure to head on over to your nearest registry office with your paperwork and ID to get your registration taken care of. 

Next on the list is getting insurance. If you've traded in your old vehicle before getting your new one, most insurance companies will cover your new car, truck, or SUV for a few days until you give them complete information on your new ride. However, it's always a good idea to provide your insurer your new car's VIN number before driving it home so you have the appropriate coverage.

The third thing you should do after you buy a new vehicle is schedule out a maintenance plan. Typically, the costs of service and maintenance isn't most people's minds when they buy a new car, and more often times than not, skipping services is the eventual result. Routinely servicing your new car is the best way to ensure that it always drives like it does when you drive it off our lot. We just happen to have a highly trained and certified team of technicians that are always ready and willing to take care of the services that your vehicle will eventually need.

There you have it. A list of everything you should do after you buy a new or pre-owned vehicle from Sherwood Ford. A helpful hint for all you first-time car buyers out there: find an insurer before you buy your first vehicle. That way you'll know exactly what you'll be paying for insurance, and you can plan or adjust accordingly.