Coolant Fluid Exchange

Coolant Fluid: What Is It?

The term, “coolant fluid exchange,” is technical jargon for engineers and technicians to describe draining the radiator of a vehicle. The process is followed by running a cleaning agent through the system to flush out any debris and prevent corrosion within the system, then refilling it with the appropriate liquid to maintain the engine temperature as it heats and cools during routine driving. Theoretically, you can find the plug at the bottom of your car's radiator, drain the fluid, and refill it. It isn't a difficult job on the surface and you don't need to be a certified technician. The reality is there are toxic chemicals required to prevent the coolant liquid from freezing and expanding, bursting some of the delicate lines integral to the cooling system. As such, the fluid has to be drained professionally by someone with the proper equipment to maintain the used fluid. Afterward, the fluid has to be either cleaned and recycled or properly disposed of as hazardous waste.

Reasons for Coolant Fluid Exchange

The coolant fluid of a vehicle is integral to maintaining proper engine performance. The radiator runs the fluid through fine lines to re-cool it before sending it back to reduce the heat caused by the spark plugs igniting the fuel source and the friction of the piston movement. Although the system is closed, for the most part, any bit of debris or condensation can disrupt its normal function and prevent it from providing the engineered function toward the engine's overall reliability.

Overheated Engines

The coolant system is designed to prevent engine overheating and performs such a function well when properly maintained. An unsolvable problem is that to make it a self-contained system would prevent contaminants from entering but would require far more expensive repair techniques than flushing and replacing fluids as part of routine maintenance procedures. Preemptive maintenance is always going to be a better solution than conducting repairs after the fact, and because cars are designed with such a concept, it's going to be less expensive over the life of a vehicle to take proper care of the various systems than to replace them when they break.

Sherwood Ford

At Sherwood Ford, we recognize the value of local mechanics and their talents toward keeping your car running. Unfortunately, such mechanics aren't authorized to maintain the formal records required to confirm the car's value when you decide to sell or trade it for a new vehicle. In Strathcona County near Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, we are dedicated to performing routine maintenance or repairs with our full-service shop while maintaining a certified record of how well you've taken care of the vehicle.

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