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Nearing the end of your vehicle lease?

We’re here to help you turn in any brand lease! Learn about the options you have to simply return it. For more info, contact us above or visit our Sherwood Ford’s Lease Return Headquarters in Sherwood Park and speak to our lease-end specialists for a fast, transparent and comfortable term of any brand vehicle.  

Take control of your vehicle return to avoid the pitfalls.  First, you’ll want to get a report on your car a few months before coming off the lease by booking a FREE pre-inspection of any vehicle so you can return it with confidence. You’ll get the tires, body and accessories checked for normal wear and tear condition prior to turning it in to avoid additional charges from the manufacturer. Relax and let us do the worrying! 

Set up your appointment and contact us for any questions about returning your lease vehicle and to simply close your lease account, or call our return headquarters at (780) 417-2985 to speak to a lease-end specialist.