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Used 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum Sherwood Park, AB

2018 Ford Expedition Platinum Sherwood Park, AB

2018 Expedition Platinum Power and Handling

The 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum is the ultimate when it comes to power and efficiency in sport utility vehicles. In order to achieve and maintain this status, it needs to have an equally powerful and efficient engine living underneath its hood. Enter in the standard 3.5L EcoBoost® engine. This beast features advanced direct-injection technology which allows it to optimize every drop of fuel used which, in turn, maximizes both power and efficiency. All that optimized power allows the Expedition Platinum to provide you with an exhilarating 400 horsepower and an outstanding 480 lb-ft of torque.

Those who plan on using their Expedition Platinum for towing are encouraged to opt for the available Heavy Duty Trailer Tow Package which comes with the Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature. This innovative technology takes all of the guesswork out of backing up your trailer. No matter if you've been backing up trailers your whole life or if you're relatively new at it, this system will certainly make your life easier. Instead of trying to remember which way to turn your steering wheel, all you'll need to do is turn a dial in the direction you want your trailer to go and the Pro Trailer Backup Assist will guide your trailer in that direction.

2018 Expedition Platinum Technology

The Expedition Platinum is more than just pure brawn; it has all the smart technological features to match. Take the standard Adaptive Cruise Control system, for example. Sensors located in the front of the Expedition will constantly monitor the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you while you're in cruise control. When the system detects that the distance between the two vehicles is beginning to shrink, it will automatically adjust your engine speed in order to keep you and your precious cargo at a safe distance until traffic clears or begins to speed up.

Another exciting feature coming standard on the Expedition Platinum is the fan-favourite Enhanced Active Park Assist. By making use out of ultrasonic sensors placed all around the vehicle, this system is capable of searching for, and locating a parking space in which your Expedition will fit inside of. Once a spot is found, you'll be promoted to let the system take over and park your Expedition for you. After you follow the prompt, all you'll need to do is man the brake pedal, the accelerator, shift gears, and relax as your vehicle effortlessly parks itself in even the tightest of spaces. The best part? It can even parallel park for you!

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