Where are the best places to go sledding in Edmonton AB?

Best sledding hills in Edmonton and Sherwood Park AB for Winter 2020

Temperatures here in Central Alberta were more reminiscent of Antarctica than anything last week, but now that the deep freeze that has surrounded all of Canada has thankfully passed, it’s as good a time as ever to get back out to the great outdoors and enjoy nature again. And let’s be honest, what’s a better way to spend some time than with your sled and your family?   Read the rest of this entry >>

Golden Gophers team on video board at Rogers Place in Edmonton

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Sherwood Ford sends two Youth Hockey Teams to Ford Small Stars Series in Edmonton 

Growing up, it’s been every Edmonton kid’s dream to be able to lace up the skates, tape up the stick, and take the ice at Rogers Place (and Rexall Place before that) with an Oilers sweater on. Like the legends of the Oilers dynasty in the 80s and the new talent that promises to carry our boys into the future of the NHL, Edmonton’s arenas have always been special.   Read the rest of this entry >>