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What do I do with my Christmas tree after the holidays in Strathcona County? 

Christmas tree collection schedule for the Edmonton area 

The new year is here, and you might be wondering what to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays in Strathcona County. Sherwood Ford is here to help; scroll down to view a Christmas tree collection schedule for the Edmonton area, including Sherwood Park, AB, with commonly asked questions and answers. 

When does Christmas tree collection happen in 2024? 

According to strathcona.ca, the 2024 dates for Christmas tree collection run from January 8 through the 12, 2024, for residents that receive services from Strathcona County. Please note that collection days differ by location, and you don’t want to miss your collection day by thinking you can put your tree out on the last day. When your collection day comes around, have your tree outside by 7:30 AM. 

Edmonton also has natural Christmas tree collection from Monday, January 22nd, and every neighborhood is visited only once. Get your tree out by 7:00 AM on Monday if you live in the city to avoid being passed over.  

How do I prepare my Christmas tree for pickup? 

There are a few steps you should take to prepare your tree for collection day. These steps ensure that collection services will take your tree: 

  1. Cut the tree into four-foot sections. 
  2. Remote plastic transport bags. 
  3. Remove all Christmas decorations and foreign materials. 
  4. Take the tree out of its stand. 

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What if I miss my collection date for Christmas tree removal? 

You can drop off your tree at a Recycling Depot or an Eco Station in Edmonton. Visit edmonton.ca for more information on these locations. Broadview Enviroservice Station will also take your tree for free.  

Will tree collection take my artificial Christmas tree?  

No, artificial trees aren’t collected, but you can drop off your artificial tree at an Eco Station for a small fee. We also recommend donating it to a local charity or second-hand store if it’s still in good shape.