Ford roof rails close up

What accessories should I get for a new truck owner this Christmas?

Three Ford accessories every truck driver will love 

Trying to figure out which accessories to get for a new truck owner this Christmas? At Sherwood Ford, we offer a wide variety of Ford truck accessories, and we’d love to help you pick out a gift at our dealership in Sherwood Park, AB. First, read below to learn about three Ford accessories every truck driver will love.

Ford truck chrome-aluminum step bars 

Ford trucks are tall by design. Their height is a huge asset while off-roading, helping you maneuver over uneven terrain without damaging the underside of your vehicle. However, their height can also make them more difficult to enter and exit than other vehicles, which can be an adjustment for new truck owners. Gift your loved one a Ford step accessory this holiday season. 

Ford truck chrome step bar
Ford truck step accessory
Ford truck all-weather floor mats

Ford truck all-weather floor mats 

Nothing is better than that new car clean. If you want to help your friend keep their truck’s cabin in top condition, consider all-weather floor mats as a Christmas present. These sculpted mats perfectly fit Ford trucks, keeping the carpet clean by providing waterproof protection.  

Ford truck exterior protection accessories 

Of course, the outside is just as important as the cabin. To protect the outside of a new truck, Ford offers accessories like hood deflectors and splash guards. These accessories are especially useful for any driver driving on gravel driveways or unpaved roads, as they help prevent the dents and scratches caused by loose stones hitting the vehicle. 

Ford truck hood deflector
Ford truck wheel and tire with splash guards

Other Ford truck accessories to check out this Christmas 

So far, we’ve mentioned some of the more practical gifts that any truck driver will love, but Ford also offers fun gift ideas that will make the perfect gift for the right person. Depending on their hobbies and interests, your Ford driver will love the following gifts: 

  • Ford merchandise, including hats, t-shirts, drinkware, outerwear, and other accessories 
  • Bed products, including kayak carriers, tonneau covers, tents, and other storage accessories 
  • Electronics, including dash cams, headphones, game controllers, and more