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2020 Ford Super Duty F-450 front view

How does engine horsepower affect the Ford vehicle towing capability?

Ford truck and SUV towing capacities and horsepower ratings 

There is a positive correlation between horsepower rating and towing capacity in vehicles. We don’t have the exact formula, but we do have the horsepower and towing ratings of Ford vehicles available for you. Keep reading below to learn how engine horsepower affects Ford vehicle towing capability. 

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Sherwood Ford dealership Ford Lineup

You Pay What We Pay – Employee Pricing

You pay what we pay!  Employee pricing returns in August 2020!  It’s that simple! Rebates and incentives are the most common discounts.  BUT A-Plan pricing is astounding! This is definitely the one sale you come across that you want to take advantage of! We explain directly and clearly how this GIANT offer of the year works right here:
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Ford canada employee pricing promotion details

Ford Canada August Incentive is….EMPLOYEE PRICING!

Ford Canada Employee Pricing 2020

The month everyone waits for is August. Ford Canada’s Employee Pricing arrives at Sherwood Ford! For a limited time, you’ll pay what we pay on all Ford purchases, lease agreements and factory orders. This includes our Giant Customs inventory as well. Get the complete details below. Read the rest of this entry >>

What is included with the 2020 Ford Expedition’s FX4 Off-Road Package?

Appearance and performance features of the 2020 Ford Expedition Limited FX4 Off-Road Package

Never one to be content at the top of the pack, the Ford model line is always looking for ways to improve its vehicles in the ways that its drivers cherish the most. For a good majority of Expedition owners, this includes a healthy dosage of off-road charm, brought on in high supply with the recent unveiling of its FX4 Off-Road Package, available exclusively on its Limited trim. Read the rest of this entry >>

Which Ford vehicles have been recalled for the current model year?

Ford vehicle recalls in Canada and potential defaults 

Under perfect circumstances, each Ford model that is produced will roll off the lot ready to handle anything you throw at it, keeping you safe and secure. Unfortunately, errors and defects are bound to happen with the volume of vehicles that are produced, and when that happens, recalls have to be issued. We have some new information to pass along to you regarding some key Ford vehicle recalls in Canada and potential defaults that they might carry. If you’re in ownership of any of these, be sure to bring them to Sherwood Ford as soon as you can so that we can remedy the situation.   Read the rest of this entry >>

How powerful is the 2019 Ford Expedition?

Engine features and maximum performance ratings for the 2019 Ford Expedition 

At a certain stage of life, there comes a time where versatility and convenience are more common needs than an all-adrenaline, all the time vehicle. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but if you need the most space possible from your SUV, as well as some of the best tech on the market, the 2019 Ford Expedition offers all that you need plus an ultra-powerful engine under the hood.   Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Ford Explorer vs 2018 Ford Expedition

2018 Ford Explorer vs 2018 Ford Expedition

Which one is right for you?

Serving Sherwood Park, Edmonton and area

When deciding on a 2018 Ford Explorer vs 2018 Ford Expedition sports utility vehicle, there are some important considerations. Families who need more cargo room and hauling capability look to the larger Expedition. Its interior cabin easily accommodates for roominess and passenger comfort. The mid-size family-friendly Explorer can also be tailored to fit your lifestyle.

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Three rows of seating inside 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum

Which Ford models have three rows of seating?

There’s something for everybody with the Ford model line, and plenty of the vehicles that it offers are able to give you just the kind of performance and capability you expect. If you’re in a growing family or are the trusted driver when you’re taking your friends on long trips, you’ll need a vehicle with some extra seats inside. So, if you’ve ever wondered, “Which Ford models have three rows of seating?” our Sherwood Ford team has your answer!  Read the rest of this entry >>

Rear view of blue 2018 Ford Expedition driving on snowy and mountainous road

How safe is the 2018 Ford Expedition?

2018 Ford Expedition NHTSA safety rating and available driver assistance innovations

For most Canadians, going on a long trip is an exercise in careful planning and good times behind the wheel. Both of these values are achieved nicely onboard the Ford Expedition, one of the largest (and most innovative) of the model line’s SUV family. Across the generations, the Expedition has turned from a relative newcomer into a real and true icon for so many, which makes the recent safety upgrades it has introduced that much sweeter. We invite you to check out the 2018 Ford Expedition NHTSA safety rating and available driver assistance innovations with us today to see what we mean!   Read the rest of this entry >>

Red Ford Expedition parked next to wooded waterfront

Ford Places Second in 2018 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

The Ford model family’s resurgence to the top of the North American automotive market is one that has been well-documented in recent years, as so many of its models have found themselves at the top of their classes. Overall, Ford has placed second in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study for 2018, with five models receiving the highest honors in their respective classes. We’ll tell you all about them today!  Read the rest of this entry >>