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Front view of 2020 Ford Edge driving on highway road at sundown

What is included in the Ford CoPilot 360 Assist+ Safety Suite?

Some of the best innovations in today’s Ford models are their extensive list of safety and driver assistance features, all of which are more than capable of keeping you safe and secure when you’re behind the wheel. Ford has always been a class leader in this regard, and its stock is bound to increase even further with many of its newest trims and vehicles offering some of the top safety technologies in the business for 2020.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Which Ford vehicles have been recalled for the current model year?

Ford vehicle recalls in Canada and potential defaults 

Under perfect circumstances, each Ford model that is produced will roll off the lot ready to handle anything you throw at it, keeping you safe and secure. Unfortunately, errors and defects are bound to happen with the volume of vehicles that are produced, and when that happens, recalls have to be issued. We have some new information to pass along to you regarding some key Ford vehicle recalls in Canada and potential defaults that they might carry. If you’re in ownership of any of these, be sure to bring them to Sherwood Ford as soon as you can so that we can remedy the situation.   Read the rest of this entry >>

What to put in a snow emergency kit

What should be in a winter car kit?

While winter in Canada is certainly beautiful at times, it can be downright nasty during a Polar Vortex. Keeping an emergency kit is important at all times, not just during the cold months. What should be in a winter car kit? It’s important not to wait until an impending storm before you prepare for winter driving in Alberta. Here are a few ways to stay ahead of potential disaster.

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How to prepare your Ford vehicle for the winter

Living in Edmonton means that you’ll always want to be alert for changing seasons and driving conditions. As we venture on further into the colder months, it will be more and more common to see snow, sleet and otherwise wet conditions on the pavement. This can be annoying, and even hazardous in some cases, but there are measures you can take to ensure that you’re staying safe and secure on your next adventure through Alberta’s oncoming winter wonderland. So, join our Sherwood Ford team today to learn how to prepare your Ford vehicle for the winter.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Graphic illustrating new features with Ford CoPilot360

What driver assistance features are included with Ford CoPilot360?

There’s always been a certain aura revolving around Ford models, an aura that elicits feelings of awe, adrenaline, and excitement whenever you press the gas pedal. However, with recent tech advancements, the Ford family is apter than most competitors at keeping your safety and security as top priorities. With its new safety suite being unveiled recently, you might be wondering – “What driver assistance features are included with Ford CoPilot360?” We’ll show you today, and tell you what they can do!  Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Ford Escape driving up snowy path at night

What features are included with the Ford Safe and Smart Package?

Safety and driver assistance innovations of the Ford Safe and Smart Package 

Having the privilege of being able to drive carries a lot of responsibility with it, most notably ensuring that you’re doing all you can to make the driving experience safe and secure for not only yourself but the people who share the road with you. When you’re caught up in the hustle of everyday life, this can be a challenge, but not to worry! With some awesome new features on Ford vehicles, it’s easy to keep the road peaceful and serene for all. Come and see some of the top safety and driver assistance innovations of the Ford Safe and Smart Package, as well as the models that host it!  Read the rest of this entry >>

How does AdvancTrac Stability Control Work

Maintain Control of Your Ford with AdvancTrac ESC

How does the Ford AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control work?

Ford is one of the most trusted automotive brands and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to the sleek styles of their lineup and high-quality materials, the brand also utilizes advanced technology to enhance safety on the road. Ford’s AdvancTrac Electronic Stability Control is one of these systems; using sensors and selective engineering to improve traction and stability while driving. Read the rest of this entry >>