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How can I check my Ford vehicle for a safety recall?

Check for a recall for your Ford vehicle online 

How can you check your Ford vehicle for a safety recall? We have a Ford Recall Information page on our site, where you can find a link to use your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to do an online search for any recalls. This service is free and quick, and all you need is your vehicle’s VIN to get started. Keep reading below to learn about Ford safety recalls. 

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Where is my vehicle’s VIN? 

You can find your vehicle’s VIN on a metal tag which is above your vehicle’s instrument panel, behind the steering wheel. You can also find it on any official documentation for the vehicle, such as your vehicle registration or your vehicle insurance policy. There might be other places to look for your vehicle’s VIN as well, such as on a tag printed to the inside of your vehicle’s driver-side door. 

What is a Ford recall? 

A Ford recall happens when some accident in manufacturing has been shown to cause an issue with the finished product, your vehicle. It does not mean that every vehicle under the recall will show symptoms, but it does mean that there is a possibility for it. Since the issue is due to a manufacturing flaw, Ford will call drivers into dealerships for a free repair. Sherwood Ford is one place where you can get a repair done. 

Why do Ford recalls happen? 

Recalls can happen for several reasons, but usually, it is because an issue was found to be repeated on multiple vehicles from the same manufacturing site. This means there is a higher chance for other vehicles from the same site and time to be affected. Ford then recalls these vehicles to keep its customers as safe as possible.