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How to use the FordPass Remote Start feature on your Ford vehicle

Video and text guide to using FordPass Remote Start features with a Ford vehicle 

How do you use the FordPass Remote Start feature on your Ford vehicle? It is as simple as downloading an application on your compatible smartphone. Keep reading below to view our video and text guide to using FordPass Remote Start features with a Ford vehicle. 

Written steps to using FordPass Remote Start features 

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Written steps to using FordPass Remote Start features 

  1. Make sure that you have the right supplies.

    You need the available FordPass Connect in your vehicle and a compatible smartphone with the FordPass app downloaded. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from your app store. 

  2. Login to the FordPass app. 

    You can use your Ford owner account login information. Otherwise, register as a new user.

  3. Add your vehicle to the app.

    If your vehicle is compatible, then you’ll get a popup telling you to add your vehicle. Press “Add.”

  4. Add any additional compatible Ford vehicles that you own.

    The home screen of the app has an “Add Vehicle” button for any other Ford vehicles that you wish to connect to. You’ll have to scan the VIN of the vehicle using your phone’s camera. Once scanned, the vehicle can be named, and you can get started. 

  5. Activate FordPass Connect for the first time.

     Press the “Activate Vehicle” button on your application. In a few minutes, start up your vehicle. The FordPass Connect screen will show a request to allow activation. Click “Allow.”

  6. Now you can get started using remote features from your app!

    Watch the videos below for more information.

Video guides for using FordPass Remote Start features 

Below, we have two videos that show you some features of FordPass Remote Start. The first video is a video by us on the benefits of using FordPass Remote Start. The second video from Ford Motor Company will walk you through the steps that we have written above with a visual guide to using FordPass Remote Start features. 

FordPass Remote Start to Connect with Your Vehicle video by Sherwood Ford 

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