custom 2020 Ford F-550 crane truck side view

Milron Metals in Edmonton Partners with Sherwood Ford to build Custom Truck Bodies

Custom-built Ford truck bodies by Sherwood Ford and Milron Metals 

Where can you find custom Ford trucks near Edmonton? Here at Sherwood Ford, we work on a variety of custom truck builds, including some work trucks built in partnership with Milron Metals. Below, you can view some of our previous custom trucks and learn more about our custom-built Ford truck bodies. 

What features are available on custom-built Ford trucks? 

The possibilities for custom-built Ford trucks are endless. Many of our custom builds include upgraded performance features and stylish, unique components. These work trucks that we created with Milron Metals include a variety of solutions for different jobs. In our photo gallery below, you can see some of these truck features. Examples of what we can install include: 

custom 2020 Ford F-550 crane truck view with open doors
  • VMAC Multifunction Power Systems: 2,000 possible configurations make this system versatile for a variety of jobs. This customizable system can handle multiple machines and runs safely and efficiently to help power your work. It can even improve your truck’s fuel economy. 
  • Drawers on roller slides: As seen in our photo gallery below, one of our solutions is roller drawers that easily pull out from your truck. The configuration can be changed to suit your needs. We’ve done trucks with three roller drawers and trucks with seven roller drawers of varying depth and sizes. 
  • Custom paint jobs: Our custom trucks often stand out for their custom exterior paint jobs. Our Milron truck for example was body-prepped and powdercoated fleet white with textured red drawers, anthracite metallic drawer handles, and Armaguard on the galley floor, front rock guard panels, and rear apron panel. 
  • Much more: As you’ll see below, our custom trucks have it all. We have done custom lighting, steel bumpers, Milron running boards, cabinets, stainless steel wheel wells, and more, and that’s just on our Model 10CS69 with the C/W Crane Prep Package. 
custom 2020 Ford F-550 crane truck rear view

What Ford models are used to make custom work trucks? 

Our Milron Crane Truck is a 2020 Ford F-550 Super Duty truck. In the past, we have customized a 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor and many other Ford F-150 series trucks. We’re sure that we’ll do more in the future. 

custom 2020 Ford F-550 crane truck side view with closed doors

Where can we view updates on custom-built Ford models near Edmonton? 

We’d love to have you as a friend on Facebook, where we show off our latest custom trucks. We also update our blog regularly with custom builds, so check back here to view more custom Ford trucks. Sometimes, we have a custom Ford vehicle on display in our showroom at our dealership, located in Sherwood Park near Edmonton, AB. 

Milron Metals and Sherwood Ford truck photo gallery 

Here, you can see close-up details of the unique configurations on our Milron Crane truck. If these look like something that you could use on the job, contact us to discuss the possibility of our next custom truck. We love to help businesses find unique solutions through custom builds.