Custom Built 2019 Ford F-150 at Sherwood Ford

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Custom-Built F-150 at Sherwood Ford near Edmonton AB 

In our eyes, the best thing you can do with a truck as iconic as the Ford F-150 is to custom build its new trim with the kind of accessories that hearken back to its past. Paying tribute to the old F-150 models of the 80s is something we’ve always wanted to do, so throughout September we worked tirelessly on a project to do just that. Using retro-styled aftermarket accessories and an old-school paint job, we were able to create a fully custom 2019 F-150 that would fit right in during the simpler times of 1980s Canada. Come check out the Giant Customs Retro Edition F-150 at Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park AB today!  

Join us below as we show you all the coolest parts and features of this awesome F-150 model – you’ll also get to see how you can get your own truck custom fitted with our dealership’s dedicated detailing team! 

Custom Aftermarket Build Specs for our 80s-themed 2019 Ford F-150 XLT 

Many high-quality parts went into making this project a reality, and we’ve listed some of the most crucial components in our process below:  

Lift kit of custom Ford F-150

4-inch Rough Country Lift Kit 

This lift kit features a set of lifted knuckles and strut spacers, as well as differential drop brackets, sway-bar drop brackets, brake line brackets, and a drive shaft spacer. It all comes together to help create a chassis that’s stronger and more durable than just about any competitor. 

Custom BF Goodrich Tire of Custom built F-150

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tires 

These tires have a size rating of LT305/70R17, and feature ultra-aggressive tread patterns and self-cleaning independent tread blocks (in addition to linear transverse flex zones) to help it adjust to changes in terrain. It’s clear that these tires are tailor made for life off the pavement.  

Wheel and tire of custom built Ford F-150

Pro Comp 69 Series Vintage Wheels 

Using state of the art Low Pressure Casting technology, these wheels provide unparalleled strength and style for the price. They also incorporate a high offset brake clearance for added control when coming to a stop.  

Light bar of custom Ford F-150


A sport bar of this nature is explicitly designed to bridge the styles of both retro and modern pickups – it’s completely made with stainless steel to prevent corrosion, complete with a class-leading upper light box.  

Front view of Ford F-150 at Sherwood Ford

KC 8-inch Pro-Sport HD Black Spot Beam and HID Beam 

Deep inside slim, black polymax housing are these 35W HID bulbs, which are protected by stone guards when you’re doing some off-road driving. A dual polycarbonate lens helps to ensure that these lights always work at peak performance. 

Diagonal front view of custom 2019 Ford F-150

Closed Spline Kit Chrome 

Triple chrome plated and made with premium steel, this spline kit is designed to help fight against rust and keep up a beautiful appearance. It’s also engineered with closely monitored specs to ensure fit and quality for years to come.  

Axle of custom Ford F-150 at Sherwood Ford

Motorcraft TPMS Monitors 

This may be a retro project, but our truck also needed to have the best of today’s technology. Motorcraft is an official recommended parts company by Ford, which is why we outfitted four of their TPMS sensors on our build. 

Truck bed and rear wheels of custom Ford F-150

Vinyl Film Wrap 

To (pun intended) wrap it all up, we coated our F-150 with a vinyl film wrap, giving it a glossy and sleek paint-like finish designed to catch attention and protect from the elements. It’s both durable and dazzling, and provides excellent contouring no matter the body style.  

All told, these parts equated to $13,347.62 CAD, but the finished result is something that we’re very proud of; bridging the F-150’s past and future is essential to keeping its legacy alive! 

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If you’re looking to get some detailing done on your Ford model, or want to get some of these awesome parts installed on your F-150 itself, be sure to contact our Sherwood Ford GIANT Customs Team. We’re happy to get you set up with an appointment!