Blue 2019 Ford F-150 towing trailer through ranch with horses in background

When is the Ford F-150 getting a redesign? 

2020 Ford F-150 redesign preview  

Go to anybody on the street and ask them to think of a pickup truck, and 9 times out of 10, the first thing they’ll say is “Ford F-150.” That’s because the F-150 is both legendary and iconic in many regards, most notably the power that lies under the hood and the athletic, menacing styling that accompanies it. We’re focusing on the latter today, as new information has surfaced from Ford regarding the F-150’s upgrades for future model years. Join us as we show you our 2020 Ford F-150 redesign preview, as well as what it will be capable of!  

2020 Ford F-150 upgraded exterior and interior design cues 

The most noticeable change about the 2020 F-150’s exterior is its reworked grille, which is both larger and more defined than in years prior. There is also speculation that the 2020 F-150 might feature sliding rear windows, as well as limited-edition body stylings to give you that added edge on the road.  

Ambient lighting surrounding 2019 Ford F-150 centre console

Rear shot of silver 2019 Ford F-150

Inside, the new F-150 is projected to offer plush leather seating surfaces, as well as increased amounts of headroom and legroom. Still, you can expect to receive the same high-tech infotainment capabilities (SYNC® 3, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, just to name a few) that have called the F-150 home.  

2020 Ford F-150 new drivetrain features 

Perhaps what’s best of all about the 2020 F-150 is that it will come with an available hybrid engine! Built at Ford’s Rouge manufacturing facility in Dearborn, Michigan, this hybrid motor will come in addition to the gas-powered F-150 models you’d probably expect. Not much information has been given about this new powertrain, but we do know that once released, it will add a whole new element to the F-150’s capability.  

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