Graphic illustrating new features with Ford CoPilot360

What driver assistance features are included with Ford CoPilot360?

There’s always been a certain aura revolving around Ford models, an aura that elicits feelings of awe, adrenaline, and excitement whenever you press the gas pedal. However, with recent tech advancements, the Ford family is apter than most competitors at keeping your safety and security as top priorities. With its new safety suite being unveiled recently, you might be wondering – “What driver assistance features are included with Ford CoPilot360?” We’ll show you today, and tell you what they can do!  

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Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection 

If it sometimes feels like your new Ford has eyes of its own, that’s because it does. It can help you avoid crashes with people or vehicles that cross your path unexpectedly, and can even apply the brakes for you. Your Ford can also alert you with flashes and sounds, keeping you more aware of your surroundings.  

Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert 

Most new Ford vehicles have sensors that can detect when another car is entering your blind spot. When it does, you’ll see an indicator light flash on your relevant side view mirror – this technology can also help you be aware of crossing traffic when you’re backing out of a parking space!  

Lane Keeping Assist 

“Stay in your lane” isn’t just an idiom anymore, it’s a value that Ford vehicles hold dear. If you’re starting to swerve out of your lane on the highway, you’ll feel a vibration in your steering wheel telling you to straighten out. In some cases, it can correct your course for you autonomously!  

Automatic High Beam 

Driving in the dark can often be a challenge, which is why so many drivers opt to use their high beams as they head down the road. This can be a hazard for oncoming traffic, however, which is why new Ford models are outfitted with technology that can toggle your high beams on and off for you.  

Reverse Camera 

Gone are the days where you have to check your rearview mirror or look out your window to back out of or into a parking space. New Ford vehicles have cameras on their rears, which you can utilize just by looking in your SYNC interface. With this, it’s much easier to stay safe when in reverse!  

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