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image of Waze on touch screen

What cool features are available with Waze in 2020 Ford models?

Frequently asked questions about Waze operation and navigation system 

What is WazeWaze is a traffic navigation system that helps you find the fastest route to where you need to go. Waze brings you live updates on traffic from real people driving the same routes as you. Keep reading below to learn about the cool features available with Waze in 2020 Ford models. 

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2020 Ford Escape Head-Up Display

What is the Ford Head-Up Display?

Ford Head-Up Display makes it easier to navigate with your hands on the wheel 

What is the Ford Head-Up Display? It is an unobtrusive display projected onto the windshield of a vehicle. As you will learn below, this display serves an important purpose. You can find Ford vehicles with the available Head-Up Display like the 2020 Ford Escape here at Sherwood Ford near Edmonton, AB. 

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2020 Ford Escape front seats

2020 Ford Escape Entertainment Technology

What entertainment technology does the 2020 Ford Escape have to offer? 

The 2020 Ford Escape will keep you entertained with your favorite tunes and convenient technology features to make everything go smoothly. Below, you can read about the 2020 Ford Escape entertainment technology, including our top three features. Come visit Sherwood Ford to learn more. 

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2020 Ford Super Duty technology

2020 Ford Super Duty Driver-Assist Technology

What driver-assist technologies are available on a 2020 Ford Super Duty truck? 

In a modern vehicle, we have started to give everything over to technology, including our safety. A 2020 Ford Super Duty can be equipped with the eight driver-assist technologies that we have written about below. These technologies supplement your driving skills and the traditional safety measures with an extra layer of security. 

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black image of the all-electric 2022 Ford Transit

All-Electric 2022 Ford Transit Technology

What technology will the all-electric 2022 Ford Transit offer? 

Ford knows that its customers take work seriously and that they need solutions to help them keep track of their vehicles and stay connected with their drivers. The All-Electric 2022 Ford Transit is well-equipped to perform on the job and keep everyone safe and connected. Read more below on the All-Electric 2022 Ford Transit technology. 

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2020 Ford Super Duty F-350 camera system

How to use Pro Trailer Backup Assist with your Ford truck

How does Pro Trailer Backup Assist work?

Driving a vehicle is as natural as walking for many of us, but when you add in extra elements, sometimes it can get confusing. Backing up with a trailer attached can be a challenge, but luckily Ford has a solution for you. Select Ford vehicles, like the 2020 Ford Super Duty F-350, will be equipped with Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which can help you get your trailer where you need it to go. Read and watch the video below to learn how to use Pro Trailer Backup Assist with your Ford truck.

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Front view of 2020 Ford Edge driving on highway road at sundown

What is included in the Ford CoPilot 360 Assist+ Safety Suite?

Some of the best innovations in today’s Ford models are their extensive list of safety and driver assistance features, all of which are more than capable of keeping you safe and secure when you’re behind the wheel. Ford has always been a class leader in this regard, and its stock is bound to increase even further with many of its newest trims and vehicles offering some of the top safety technologies in the business for 2020.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Group of Ford models positioned on street with phone in left of frame

Get Wi-Fi installed in your Ford model with us!

Complimentary FordPass Package at Sherwood Ford near Edmonton AB 

Today’s Ford vehicles are more innovative and adaptable than ever, from their improved drivetrain capabilities to new tech capacities inside that make each of them top contenders in every market segment. FordPass is one of our favourite new innovations for the Ford lineup, as it brings great tech connectivity, convenience and communication right to the forefront of your ride. Best yet, you can get yours right now at Sherwood Ford!  Read the rest of this entry >>

SYNC 4 in dark mode showing navigation and media streaming

Ford’s infotainment capabilities are getting even better!

Best features and functions of the new Ford SYNC 4 infotainment system

We’re on the cusp of jumping into the 2020s, and the vehicles that we drive are becoming more and more innovative with each passing model year. Ford has always been a model brand that, pardon the pun, is always in tune to the needs of today’s drivers, and that’s why it’s no surprise that the new SYNC 4 infotainment system it’s unveiled is one of the most advanced in the Canadian market. Read the rest of this entry >>